Zwiki source code is managed with darcs, a simple and powerful revision control system. You'll need darcs 2; here's how to use it. (If you have trouble with any of the procedures below, add a comment or tell sm on #zwiki.)

Get a copy of the Zwiki repo

In a suitable place, such as your zope Products directory, do: darcs get --lazy

Record patches

Edit files as usual. To add or rename files and directories, use darcs add and darcs mv. To delete files, just remove them. To review your edits, use darcs whatsnew. To record edits in your local repo, darcs record and answer the prompts.

Keep your repo up to date

Optional, but recommended before sending patches: record any pending edits, then in your repo do darcs pull. This will merge any new patches from upstream, prompting you to resolve conflicts if needed.

Send your patches

In your repo, do darcs send. It asks you which patches to send, then sends them to Simon. (If your system can't send email, darcs send -O and then email the contents of the created patch file to Please subscribe to GeneralDiscussion to hear discussion of your patch. After passing review, your patch will be applied to the repository on (you'll see it appear here.)

..or, publish your repo

You can also publish your repo on your own server or at . Add it to the repo list below and announce on GeneralDiscussion. This way, anyone can pull and test your patches even before they go into the main repo.

Sign the contributor list/agreement

After getting your first patch into the main repo, please add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS.txt file to indicate your acceptance of the contributor agreement there. This helps preserve a clean legal status for our project into the future.

  1. Add your name and email address to CONTRIBUTORS.txt (under "Active developers" or "Supporting developers" as appropriate)
  2. darcs record -a -m "signed" CONTRIBUTORS.txt
  3. darcs send

Public Zwiki repos (browse)
The Zwiki main developent branch, aka "Zwiki 2". Used for new releases and for running and wikis. (browse)
The classic Zwiki 0.x branch, aka "Zwiki 1". Used for releases up to 0.61, now mothballed.
betabug's dev branch, which sometimes has patches while they're still going through GeneralDiscussion, but othertimes might contain stuff that's not too stable yet
Zwiki CVS repository at Sourceforge
Zwiki code & history from 1999-2004/04/01