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I offer free zwiki hosting (with full manager access) on this server, as a gift and as a way to improve and promote the Zwiki engine. There's no guarantee of uptime, data integrity, or longevity of this service, but it has been running well for a few years now and you can export a snapshot of your wiki at any time. Your site will be running on the most up-to-date and actively-maintained zwiki server in the world, alongside See for the current list of sites. Since the free wikis are public by default, be aware you will be indexed by search engines unless you restrict your "permissions":QuickReference#permissions . To request a free wiki, tell "me" your desired hostname, manager username, and something about what you want to use it for. (If it is just a temporary test space, use one of the "existing wikis": instead.) Inactive wikis will get retired. Subscribe to this page to hear wiki hosting announcements.

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upgrade --simon, Thu, 29 Jan 2009 13:05:36 -0800 reply

I am about to move all free hosted wikis to the latest ZWiki branch, to simplify hosting and get more testing. I hope you will not notice, please report problems to GeneralDiscussion if you do.