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This site is a wiki, where you can edit and rearrange pages at any time. But, since anti-spam restrictions are in effect, please set your username in "options":http://zwiki.org/FrontPage/useroptions first. This will allow you to edit and have your votes remembered. Mouse over links, buttons and fields for helpful tips. See more AboutThisSite, "help":FrontPage/helppage , "contents":FrontPage/contents , "changes":FrontPage/recentchanges , "index":FrontPage/wikiindex , "stats":wikistats . This page should be "easy-2-read":http://www.informationarchitects.jp/100E2R/ , report problems to mailto:webmaster@zwiki.org .

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**Zwiki HEAD**
The latest development code, works with Zope 2 versions 2.7 and up (last tested with 2.13).
github, "release notes":http://zwiki.org/docs/CHANGES.html **Zwiki 2.0b1**
(2009/10/23) The latest release, stores text as unicode and works with Zope 2 versions 2.7 and up.
tarball, "release notes":http://zwiki.org/docs/CHANGES.html#zwiki-2-0b1-2009-10-23 **Zwiki 0.61**
(2008/10/24) The original 0.x line, stores text as utf-8 and works with Zope versions 2.7 to 2.11.
tarball, "release notes":http://zwiki.org/docs/CHANGES.html#zwiki-0-61-0-2008-10-24 [Installing] guide, KnownIssues.


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Plone user ? [Zwiki and Plone]

Zwiki !

An elegant wiki for a more civilized age

"download":#download | "documentation":#documentation | "discussion":#discussion | "bugs":IssueTracker | "blog":TheZwikiBlog | "about this site":#aboutthissite

Zwiki is a powerful, innovative, user-friendly "wiki":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki engine, built on the "Zope 2":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zope application server, and released as free software under the "GNU GPL":http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html . It was actively developed from 1999 to 2009 by "Simon Michael":http://joyful.com and "contributors":ZwikiContributors around the world, and has powered many "Zope":http://wiki.zope.org and "non-Zope-related":ZwikiSites wikis. With Zope usage now in decline, Zwiki development has been quiescent since 2010 (and this site is read-only, except for GeneralDiscussion), but Zwiki still works well and questions and contributions are welcome! Please explore this site and enjoy the software. Here's a one-minute intro: [Zwiki in a nutshell].


The "classic wiki":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WikiWikiWeb features, plus a number of uncommon ones (all optional):
Wiki Feature Comparison
works with plain Zope or inside [Zwiki and Plone|Plone] sites - completely manageable through the web - lightweight [page hierarchy], with a simple flat url space - smooth [Mail|two-way email integration], can be a mail list - an elegant, integrated [ZwikiIssueTracker|wiki-based issue tracker] - powerful, sandboxed [DTMLCookbook|dynamic scripting] - editable in your web browser, in any external editor, via ftp, webdav, !TinyMCE HTML editor - supports RestructuredText, StructuredText, "WYSIWYG HTML":http://zwiki.org/Editing#wysiwyg-editor, plaintext (Zwiki 1 also supports MoinMoin, WikiWikiWebMarkup, [LatexWiki|LaTeX]) - inherits all the power of Zope and its "add-ons":http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/Products - platform independence, undo, transactions, membership, cross-site syncing... - precise permissions-based "access control":http://zwiki.org/Configuring#access-policy - strong "internationalisation":http://zwiki.org/Configuring#internationalisation support - natural, [FuzzyUrls|fuzzy-matching] urls - highly [customizing appearance|customizable skin] - page ratings - [RSS] feeds - just works, yet flexible - mature and refined through daily use
**Flaws..** some things to be aware of: - to publish a zwiki site, you need a host that supports Zope 2 - scaling large wikis to very high performance levels requires ram and/or expertise - other KnownIssues.