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huron_: sm : if I dont do the last two lines, my plugin does not get registered

sm: ok, interesting huron_: because I must import something from ZWiki before regisitering my plugin, ZWikiPage gets loaded with the PLUGINS array not yet updated huron_: then I touch the PLUGIN array, but ZWikiPage is already loaded (not extending my Plugin) huron_: it's an chicken and egg problem sm: bsm117532: did you run into this with latexwiki ? huron_: If I want to register my plugin I need to import something from ZWiki, If I do that ZWikiPage gets loaded and will not extend my plugin

See also issue 1034 --Martijn Pieters, Fri, 11 Mar 2005 04:59:24 -0800 reply

#1034 Pluginization includes patches that solves this problem