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I'm trying to develop a ZWiki plugin outside ZWiki. I've started with the Tracker code since it's close to what I wanna do.

But I experience a strange problem in plone when a ZWiki exernal plugin is registred Even an very simple plugin triggers the problem.

== Problem description ==

When in plone, create a new directory. Then, in this new directory, create a 'Wiki Page' via the usual drop down. If you only have ZWiki installed, every thing is fine and you get to the editform. If you have the MyPlugin? product installed (see below), you'll go to the 'wiki contents' display ...

== Files to create the problem == Create a 'MyPlugin?' directory in your 'Products' and put the two following files in it :

file : " " {{{#!python """ empty stuff

import MyPlugin? }}}

file : "MyPlugin?.py"

{{{#!python from __future__ import nested_scopes import os, string, re from string import join, split, strip from types import *

import DocumentTemplate? from Globals import InitializeClass?, package_home

from Products.ZWiki.plugins import registerPlugin

from Products.ZWiki.I18nSupport import _, DTMLFile?, HTMLFile?

class MyPluginSupport?:

""" This mix-in class adds ... nothing """

def sayHelloPlugin():
""" hello """ print 'hello plugin'

InitializeClass?(MyPluginSupport?) registerPlugin(MyPluginSupport?)

# reload the ZWikiPage (to use the newly modified PLUGINS) import Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage reload(Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage) }}}

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