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(new) fit.Parse ImportError? in event log on startup --Simon Michael, Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:46:05 -0800 reply
On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 14:40 +0100, Michael Heinz wrote:

Hi, I am trying to install and use Zwiki 0-38-0 on my plone 2.0 installation. It works out pretty fine so far. A minor problem: When starting up zope in the debug mode I get thefollowing error:

ImportError?: No module named fit.Parse

I tried to tinker around, found a file called on the net at I put it in the Products/Zwiki/plugins folder of my installation

But the error message doesn't go away. Also a new start of zope and de-installtion and reinstalliton of Zwiki from within Plone doesn't do the trick. Also no Parse.pyc file got generated. Unfortunately I am no python expert, more of a newbe, so please excuse my ignorance, the answer might be quite trivial.

I am not particulary worried, because I didn't note any further defect so far. I just wanted to switch from debug mode to production mode and wanted to reduce the error messages to as few as possible. On he net in my google researches I found that a number of people out there are dealing with that problem, couldn't discover the right answer though, then I found your address, which must be the most competent

thanks for an answer


Hi Michael, thanks for the report. You're right that it's harmless. I've cc'd this to the to investigate further cleanup of this noise in the log.

property change --simon, Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:03:15 -0800 reply
Category: => admin-installing Severity: => minor Status: => open

fixed for 0.45 --simon, Thu, 01 Sep 2005 16:35:51 -0700 reply
Status: open => closed

Made this warning less verbose.