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(new) need docbook support --Simon Michael, Mon, 14 Mar 2005 08:44:15 -0800 reply
I think a docbook page type would be a useful feature, and here's a project we can build on. I've promised not to work on it in 2005, but maybe I can get someone else interested ?

Simon Michael wrote:

Second, what if you had wiki pages whose markup was docbook ? All it needs is a plugin to do whatever rendering process you currently do offline. You could point your docbook editor of choice at it.

Re revision control: what if the ubuntu zope site, or just the wiki pages, was stored as plain files on the filesystem (via DirectoryStorage?, APE, or some other tool) ? What if those files were revision-controlled ? What if a svn commit was instantly reflected on the website, and pages could be edited using either method ? I think people in the zope world are successfully doing things close to this right now.

Sean Wheller wrote:

Following Corey's suggestion to use a wiki from end for authoring I have been doing some research. The basic difference between our ideas was that I do not want replace docbook as the primary format for storage of ubuntu-docs. However, people do want an easy way to access and edit documents. As I said before, if we can round trip then I am +1 for a wiki front end.

The problem is how to enable web-based editing via a wiki-like front-end and still maintain the integrity of docbook documents in the repository and maintain the revision control we currently have.

So here is a partial solution. Partial only because it is not a fully finished application yet, but it looks promising.

property change --simon, Mon, 14 Mar 2005 09:22:19 -0800 reply
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