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Summary: pages can disappear from the contents hierarchy when their parent information becomes invalid. To fix, visit each page once, or just the top page of the missing hierarchy.

if you delete the sole parent of some child pages, they will vanish from the contents. The first time you next visit them, they will have no title. At this point they are automatically reparented at the top level, ie they have become singletons.

Twould be better if they could get left under the parent of the deleted page, ie their grandparent. Requires a scan for all children at page deletion time.

Simon, 2002/09/06 01:38 GMT (via web):
If a hierarchy gets orphaned in this way, you need to visit it's top page to get that one repaired. Then all pages will appear in the contents again. If lower-level pages are visited first, they will be repaired (reparented to the top level) individually, and the missing hierarchy's structure is disrupted.

fixed for 0.17 --SimonMichael, 2003/03/12 01:21 GMT
Delete and rename now reparent children to avoid creating orphans. This should pretty much solve this problem, although existing orphaned pages still need to be re-parented manually by visiting.