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This has annoyed me long enough. I'm marking it serious.

Fuzzy urls (implemented by the standard_error_message Zwiki installs) generally don't seem to work in wikis inside CMF or Plone sites, though I have seen them work in some sites. In particular it's annoying not to be able to jump to an issue page just by typing its number as you can in a non-plone zwiki. We need to get this sorted out.


two bugs --simon, Fri, 01 Jul 2005 07:08:21 -0700 reply
/setupDtmlMethods is the usual way to set up a standard_error_message in a plone zwiki. It didn't create standard_error_message because self.folder().aq_base doesn't prevent acquisition and it saw the plone skin's s_e_m script. This is fixed for 0.43.

There's still a problem in private sites, I believe, because standard_error_message doesn't inherit the user's authentication and can't get pages from the catalog.

table showing current status --simon, Sun, 10 Jul 2005 11:04:39 -0700 reply
This is confusing to debug. I think the following is correct:

(upload new)


zwiki standard_error_message status
public wiki public catalog wiki public plone wiki private wiki [1] private catalog wiki [1] private plone wiki [1]
create s_e_m via /setupDtmlMethods ok ok ok ok ok ok
access fuzzy url [2] ok ok ok FAIL FAIL FAIL
with manager proxy role on s_e_m ok FAIL FAIL
[1] aci, view permissions restricted to manager
[2] partial, lower-case page url

This is because the catalog will not return results which would require authentication to view, apparently not even when the dtml method doing the search has a proxy role. What to do ?

(property change) --simon, Thu, 02 Mar 2006 13:18:26 -0800 reply
Name: '#1117 fuzzy urls don't work in cmf/plone sites ?' => '#1117 fuzzy urls don't work in private cmf/plone sites'

Wonder why this appears as closed, must be a vandalism remainder --EmmaLaurijssens, Mon, 15 Oct 2007 04:14:06 -0700 reply
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