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Access policy and permissions problems at .

Desired policy

The site is intended to be completely anonymously editable.. but some restrictions have been imposed to discourage spam. The current access policy is:

anonymous visitors can: -- browse; vote; comment or edit adding at most one link to another site; revert edits; reparent pages

identified users (with the username option set) can: -- add unlimited links to other sites; rename pages; delete pages

authenticated managers can: -- access the ZMI; configure the wiki; etc.

Current issues

  • <s>identified users can't delete</s> granted anonymous Delete objects permission
  • <s>anonymous users see the rename & delete buttons, which they shouldn't (?)</s> rename & delete buttons now appear only when username is configured
  • when anonymous users try to rename, delete or (especially) add multiple external links, they get an unclear login dialog. <s>They need better guidance towards configuring a username to get full access to features.</s> more prominent help added to front page
  • anonymous votes can be changed by the next anonymous voter, only identified votes are permanent

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