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I've received a patch that (re?)enables the metadata tab. Some related discussion::

sm: I may have removed the metadata tab (workflow too) in the past, to reduce ui clutter
sm: most wiki users don't care about it imho
sm: we could document an easy procedure for those who want to enable it
jbb666: well, our users do... we want to allow users to search through wiki data along with the rest of portal content...

(snipped discussion of how workflow affects searching)::

sm: is it a good idea to maintain a separate Subject field for a wiki page ?
jbb666: hmm good question
sm: in wikidom, I think "less is more" , where possible
sm: I'd be inclined to make it readonly, based on the page name unless there's a good reason not
sm: we've had much confusion arising from independent page id & title, for example
jbb666: right.. the only problem i see is that it will show up in the metadata tab but not really be properly functional then
sm: dublin core specifies some api method to set it, I suppose ? should it call rename, then..
sm: ie a wiki page's name is its subject
sm: or, just leave it as is and never use it
sm: but it should return something meaningful..
jbb666: well... it could integrate nicely into how CMF uses subject... that i'm not totally sure of yet
sm: I thought it did that already.. you just couldn't change it via metadata tab, before
sm: ie wiki pages had a meaningful subject in the CMF sense
sm: oh no they didn't.. we disabled it because of all the keywords it generated
jbb666: yeah so manually setting it wouldnt be that bad would it?
jbb666: at least it now gives users an option to use it if they want
sm: also
sm: yeah I guess you're right

This is currently installed at , please try it out and give comments or experience reports. I tried the Allow Discussion option without apparent effect.

See also #1059.


(property change) done --simon, Wed, 08 Feb 2006 18:35:53 -0800 reply
Status: open => closed

Wiki pages show the metadata tab in plone. The allow discussion checkbox doesn't work, but that's another issue.

reopening this issue --simon, Sat, 05 Aug 2006 13:23:19 -0700 reply
Status: closed => open

#1273 documents some plone version-related hassles for the metadata tab, and I am reopening the whole question of whether wiki pages need it at all.

 (01:16:52 PM) sm: it seems to me it is good for:
(01:17:01 PM) sm: 1.  enabling plone-style comments (doesn't currently work on wiki pages afaik)
(01:17:14 PM) sm: 2. adding keywords to help searchability (with a list of the sites' common keywords as a starting point)
(01:18:00 PM) sm: 3. setting an effective & expiration date, which would (might) change the wiki page's workflow state (which may or may not be useful)
(01:18:10 PM) sm: 4. mime type - not useful
(01:18:18 PM) sm: 5. language - hmm...
(01:18:45 PM) rks: so, in 2.5 the "metadata" tab is now called "properties"
(01:18:49 PM) sm: 6. copyrights & contributors (in a standardised metadata-ish way, rather than embedded in the content)

reopening this issue --simon, Sat, 05 Aug 2006 13:35:25 -0700 reply
I think these metadata features are not needed by wiki pages by default. They are appropriate for a more formal content management system, but most people who want that probably won't choose wiki pages. Most people choosing to use wiki pages will prefer simplicity and will use the normal wiki mechanisms instead of these metadata fields. Therefore I am pronouncing that Zwiki will not expose the metadata tab by default; though, we should support people who need it and want to enable it manually.