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See also HelpGeddon.

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 (14:17:18) DaSkreech: I think a clear link to a newbieHelp topic in the template should be good enough
(14:17:29) sm: that's a point
(14:18:38) sm: how should we make help more available to users & installers
(14:19:27) sm: help can be in.. 
(14:19:39) sm: default wiki pages created during ZMI add wiki or via /setupPages
(14:19:59) sm: skin templates, either built-in or customized
(14:20:07) sm: on
(14:20:57) sm: number 1 gets stale quickly, I prefer to avoid it for the most part
(14:21:12) DaSkreech: Yeah
(14:21:21) DaSkreech: Esp if they are not maintained on the installed site
(14:21:41) sm: 3 has been the main strategy, but could probably use a lot of links to it
(14:21:42) DaSkreech: I think that a template which can be included easily by people who have a clue should be good
(14:22:01) sm: you mean 2 ? a skin template ?
(14:22:09) ***DaSkreech nods
(14:22:18) sm: like /accesskeys which we already have
(14:22:28) ***DaSkreech nods
(14:22:34) sm: you're right, we need more of that
(14:23:02) sm: ack.. what is it
No such command.
(14:23:38) sm:  /showAccessKeys
(14:24:15) sm: so, a standard /help template 
(14:24:37) sm: which can still be overridden by HelpPage, to add local help ?
(14:25:14) sm: but then immediately starts getting out of date.. I'd almost rather keep it separate and non-customizable
(14:25:25) sm: but oh well
(14:26:12) sm: also need to add help to the editform
(14:26:27) sm: + links, perhaps
(14:29:09) DaSkreech: Oh
(14:29:51) DaSkreech: What I was thinking of was a standard page template that pointed at the Help page by default on all pages
(14:30:39) DaSkreech: So if you might have a difficult wiki to follow or it's meant for newbs or luddites they can get help blatantly and easily on every page
(14:31:04) DaSkreech: That gets annoying if it's on by default so just leave it on in a way that can be easily enabled by those with a clue
(14:34:50) sm: you mean something more obvious than the help link at top right ?
(14:36:22) sm: it might be nice to show a lot of context-sensitive help somewhere on/below/beside each page out the box, and let them turn it off