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When subscribing to a wiki that's inside a cmf/plone site, Zwiki subscribes your username if you're authenticated (so that your email address is kept only in one place, your portal preferences). If you're not authenticated it saves your zwiki email address cookie as usual. This can lead to confusion if you subscribe/unsubscribe when logged out and when logged in - you may find that the unsubscribe button doesn't remove your name from the list. Need to do something better here.


(property change) fixed for 0.49 --simon, Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:28:58 -0800 reply
Status: open => closed

I did some more work on this. CMF usernames and email addresses (so, authenticated and unauthenticated subscriptions) are now more interchangeable:

 (08:06:14) sm: say you have subscribed to a wiki page in plone, so that your username is added to the subscriber list
(08:07:12) sm: then say you come along unauthenticated, but with the correct email address configured as email cookie in zwiki useroptions
(08:08:04) sm: should you be able to unsubscribe yourself ? 
(08:09:41) sm: pro: less confusion due to authenticated vs unauthenticated subscriptions you've made.. unsubscribing will "just work" more often
(08:10:31) sm: con: trying too hard ? also, an anonymous visitor who knew your email address could unsubscribe you
(08:11:23) sm: I think I will make it work