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(new) simplify control of page types --Simon Michael, Wed, 18 Jan 2006 07:44:09 -0800 reply

I want to improve and simplify control of wiki page types:

(07:26:09) sm: I need some ideas for simplifying page types control

(07:28:06) d2m: hi sm (07:28:24) d2m: UI type control in the editform ? (07:29:37) sm: hi d2m.. that's what we have (07:30:05) sm: plus an acquired folder property can limit the types offered in the editform (07:30:30) d2m: what else would you like ? (07:30:40) sm: I have a patch that allows this property to also be kept in portal_properties.site_properties, for cmf/plone sites (07:31:33) sm: also, the cps guys have removed per-page type control altogether, so it is only a per-wiki option (07:31:42) sm: which i kind of like (07:31:59) sm: I'm wondering what to do (07:32:16) d2m: i like the moinmoin pagetype directive a lot (looks like: #pagetype: stx at the start of the content) (07:32:42) sm: you prefer it inline, over an editform control ? (07:33:43) d2m: it has its features, it could be combined with access roles, like #roles: manager, editor (07:34:05) sm: is it really worth the trouble to allow multiple page types in a single wiki ? (07:35:00) d2m: no, i suppose people are quite happy with just one type (and sort of macros for extra congtent handling) (07:37:45) sm: cps guys use a wiki folder type, which helps people configure things like this (07:38:14) sm: is it worth the trouble to let wiki pages live in any kind of folder, as we do presently ? (07:38:43) sm: or should we make them live in special wiki folders ?

... --simon, Wed, 18 Jan 2006 17:14:33 -0800 reply

(13:08:58) WebMaven: sm:I'd say that Wiki pages should be required to acquire a special wiki folder, either through containment or acquisition.

(13:09:31) WebMaven?: This should be analogous to ZSQL Methods needing to acquire a DB connection. (16:08:59) sm: thx WebMaven? (17:08:47) sm: I would call that a wiki configuration object (17:14:05) sm: a smaller step might be to look for the usual zwiki properties in portal_properties.site_properties, if it exists, in addition to the standard acquisition context

... --simon, Wed, 18 Jan 2006 17:16:29 -0800 reply

I don't much like these plonish complications.

**(property change) ** --simon, Wed, 18 Jan 2006 17:18:38 -0800 reply

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