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Many pages on right now appear to be top-level pages when they are not. This is related to #1235. It's not clear if this is a left-over from old code, or something triggered by web crawlers, or whether a complete rebuild of the outline cache will fix it. I think that's the next step, but it means again losing the ordering of siblings that's important in places like UsersGuide. What's the simplest/best solution.

cleaned up --simon, Wed, 22 Mar 2006 16:25:05 -0800 reply

I deleted the outline cache - most of the hierarchy remained intact, but all - contents was not showing the true state of affairs - and reordered things again. The only area where ordering is important is in the documentation box, I think. This time the docs are parented under FrontPage instead of ZWiki, and the documentation box includes only docs.

And now.. we wait.

repair --frank, Mon, 04 Dec 2006 06:11:55 -0800 reply

Name: '#1236 rebe' => '#1236 is confused about page hierarchy' Category: admin-defaultcontent => Severity: funded => normal

Status --frank, Mon, 04 Dec 2006 06:13:09 -0800 reply

I left the status as 'closed' although this was not the original status. It appears the problem went away anyway.