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Editor: FrankLaurijssens
Time: 2007/06/12 06:26:47 GMT-7

-<br>><i>> pasted in the exact text from your [Page?], and get the same</i>
<br>><i>> pasted in the exact text from your TestPage, and get the same</i>

Submitted by : simon at: 2003-10-26T21:31:33+00:00 (17 years ago)
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>> pasted in the exact text from your TestPage, and get the same
> error
> > (pasted in full below)
> Aha, you are editing via the ZMI, which I never do. When I tried that I
> see the error. The problem is that zwiki's ZMI screens are the same
> screens used for DTML Document, and all they know is DTML Document; they
> don't know about wiki, structured text quoting, etc. I suppose it's a
> bug.. thanks for pointing it out.

fix: just make manage_edit use zwiki's edit a la WFN

Simon, 2002/06/28 00:43 GMT (via web):
A ZMI edit now does no DTML validation, similar to edit. That's another problem.

2002/06/28 09:11 GMT (via web):
where can I find out ZMI?

2002/07/02 12:57 GMT (via web):
ZMI = ZopeManagementInterface?. Try adding http://yourserver/yourwiki/manage. PieterB.