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in a html only wiki if you call renderedSummary (, it renders the summary correctly except it displays the non-breakable space html entity as html code (html quoted). Workaround: It seems to me that applying the html_unquote method defined in before returning the results it will not html quote the Summary, thus the summaries will be correctly displayed. Maybe there are more elegant solutions too, dunno, I'm not a programmer :)

investigate --betabug, Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:06:14 -0700 reply

I think we had something similar with RST or so. For now On Betabug's List

quote then unquote... not the right way --betabug, Sun, 18 Nov 2007 07:26:09 -0800 reply

It would be useless to quote the stuff in summary() first, then unqote it later. I'm not sure what the quoting in summary() is used for. If summary() is used from a page template, the quoting is happening automatically and people would use the "structure" keyword to avoid it even.

Looking at the code, I think that the summary() and renderedSummary() methods need some cleaning up. I think there is some discrepancy between the docstring and what the methods actually do. Summary is supposed to output plain text, but in fact if there is e.g. rst markup, that will show up too - especially annoying if the page starts with a title and the line of dashes showing up in the summary. renderedSummary without html quoting will work somehow, but you will end up with a big header most of the times when using it that way (because often the first paragraph of a document is the title.

got a patch now, soon to be in darcs --betabug, Tue, 27 Nov 2007 03:50:47 -0800 reply

Coded up a patch for this yesterday evening. summary() will now really be returning plain text, while renderedSummary() will return rendered html, there is also a new option to return plain text with active wikilinks - that's what I think would be the best option for giving summaries of a couple of pages on one page. As soon as mail to darcs is up again, this will go to the patch pipeline.