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This is a frequent request: an obvious way to log in and get access to restricted features, without having to customize the skin.

(11:16:06) sm: what I used to tell people is, customize the links macro - remove the tal:condition, so edit always appears
(11:16:16) sm: then they can click edit, and get a login form
(11:16:22) Wu: aham
(11:16:24) sm: ah, cool
(11:16:28) Wu: that's another option
(11:16:54) sm: but, I think it would be better to leave authentication-requiring things hidden, but do show a login link
(11:17:17) sm: we should make a wishlist issue
(11:19:18) Wu: yes
(11:19:34) Wu: a login/logout link pair would be very useful
(11:20:49) sm: it's complicated by the variety of possible authentication setups
(11:22:19) sm: zope + basic authentication, zope + cookie authentication product (eg exuserfolder), cmf/plone authentication, other ?
(11:22:49) ***sm wonders what's the simplest thing that could possibly wrok
(11:23:29) Wu: and writting down some autentication code that act as an interface to the classic zope auth machinery?
(11:23:43) Wu: so you only need a zope userfolder
(11:23:57) Wu: that should be pretty easy to do
(11:26:38) sm: it's a task.. there are so many zope user folders
(11:28:13) sm: simple: for any unauthenticated request, show "login" among the standard links, linking to.. a method that requires authentication and just reloads the page
(11:28:59) sm: is there a way to avoid showing this for wikis that never use authentication ?
(11:29:12) sm: not really
(11:30:38) sm: the login link should only be shown for non-cmf/plone wikis
(11:31:05) sm: a logout link will probably not be shown, because we can't log out from basic authentication (cleanly)
(11:31:31) sm: we could try to detect exuserfolder and show an appropriate logout link then
(11:32:18) sm: I would include a /logout url though, which you can visit and then hit cancel to get out of basic authentication - handy for power users
(11:36:54) Wu: but not por normal ones
(11:37:12) Wu: that was strange for me the first time I played with the ZMI
(11:37:23) Wu: selecting logout and being asked for the password again
(11:37:24) Wu: :)
(11:39:11) sm: yes, exactly
(11:39:22) sm: possibly there's some way to do it cleanly with javascript