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In ZWiki/, the call to getattr(member, 'email', '') at line 401 is returning an empty string in Zope 2.9.5/Plone 2.5.1. Changing it to member.getProperty('email') works if member comes from the membership tool, but not for the memberdata tool.

Sam Allgood sallgood at nngov dot com

The proposed change partly worked. --pkas, Mon, 16 Jul 2007 13:07:37 -0700 reply

I was pointed at this IssueTracker record because wiki page update emails were not being sent out on my Plone 2.5 site. I made the change recommended here. The mail to userid did work, but email was still not sent for page changes. Also, the mail to userid algorithm does not seem to get called for pages for which a user is not explicitly subscribed to (i.e. for pages that the user is subscribed to as a result of being subscribed to the whole wiki).