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2002/04/11 07:36 GMT (via web):
this is a valid URL (with multiple underscores) but the linking algorithm chokes on them, see:

2002/04/11 07:37 GMT (via web):
NOTE: look at page source to see actual link isn't how it appears!


Simon, 2002/04/16 02:56 GMT (via web):
Hmm.. currently stx makes its pass over the page before wiki/url-linking, and it grabs the ach. Could we switch the order and do stx after linking ? Without a very extensive set of unit tests I am quite reluctant to do that.

2002/05/01 03:33 GMT (via web):
this is a stx issue. the stx rules should not make the ach underlined. Its (yet another) stx problem. one of the ways to "fix" it is to edit the stx rules in zope/python (i've done this before - not recommended). Well, that's how i remember dealing with this problem before, anyway. YMMV ;)


property change --simon, Sat, 27 Sep 2003 21:19:45 -0700 reply
Category: general => formatting and rendering

property change -- Sun, 30 Jan 2005 08:47:55 -0800 reply
Category: user-pagetypes => user-editing-stx