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As a small step towards #1369, and as a useful feature across all page types, is it worth adding some complexity and features to bracket (or just double-bracket) link syntax ?

This would mean bracket links become less like standard wiki links. They might be able to have arbitrary labels, link to named anchors on wiki pages as well as to arbitrary urls, etc.

It might also constrain the legal content of bracket links (and therefore wiki page names), at least a little. Currently bracket links (and page names) can contain almost anything.

What other wiki engines do

Ideas - we could support

a start --simon, Wed, 01 Aug 2007 11:53:51 -0700 reply

To find out, I just checked in basic support for labelled bracket links. As you can see below, it's now possible to specify an alternate label for a bracketed wiki link in MediaWiki? style, following | after the usual link text. Arbitrary urls aren't yet supported. Links to uncreated pages show both the target and label.

TestPage TestPage
[[TestPage]] TestPage
[[test page]] test page
[[test page|test page label]] test page label
[[no such page]] [[no such page]]?
[[no such page|no such page label]] [[no such page|no such page label]]?
[[http://some.url]] [[http://some.url]]?
[[http://some.url|some url label]] [[http://some.url|some url label]]?

a start --simon, Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:35:34 -0700 reply

[http://arbitrary.url | label] is supported in page types other than restructured text, which interferes with them.

a start --betabug, Sat, 17 Nov 2007 02:18:55 -0800 reply

I believe the "other than restructured text" part is a mistake, it seems to work quite nicely in rst pages like this one. At least for the single-bracket links. Are double bracket links turned off here?