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This seems a like a minority feature, but is high value because it would facilitate Zwiki development.

First, I would like to be able to email darcs patches through Zwiki, eg on GeneralDiscussion, without corruption. Current code accepts darcs patches as part of a mailed-in comment, and mails them out again to subscribers in the usual way, but in the process corrupts them so they can no longer be recognised by darcs. When I receive a patch via GeneralDiscussion, I should be able to apply it to the darcs repo without error.

Second, I would like to avoid cluttering up the wiki with verbose darcs patch content (especially the context info). Ie pass it through by email, but add only the important information to the page. This requires a change to zwiki's simple mail model, but that is probably worth doing, eg to also allow wiki subscribers to send attached files to each other.

info --Simon Michael, Tue, 18 Sep 2007 23:56:08 -0700 reply

The patch fails to apply because something is wrapping lines like so:

"[rename changes_rss to edits_rss (with a backwards compatibility alias) ="

Without this wrapping, or with the patch bundle hash removed from the mail, the patch applies.