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I think a bunch of stx pages had their page type changed to rst at some point; or there is some bug or bot that changes them over time.

Various lists of pages worth converting/checking:

 >>> [p for p in page.pageObjects() if p.pageTypeId()=='stx' and p.creationTime() > f.AdoptRestructuredText.lastEditTime()]
 >>> [p for p in page.pageObjects() if p.pageTypeId()=='stx' and'(?m)(^ *-).*?\n\1',p.text())]
 >>> [p for p in page.pageObjects() if p.pageTypeId()=='rst' and ('<b>' in p.text() or '<hr>' in p.text() or '</a>' in p.text())]


done --simon, Sun, 08 Nov 2009 15:29:53 -0800 reply
Status: open => closed

A simple thing, much more time-consuming to clean up than expected. The vast majority of stx/rst pages should now have the correct type, and I'm not expecting to run into this again.

... --simon, Wed, 11 Nov 2009 09:48:11 -0800 reply
Name: #1452 lots of html tags showing on => #1452 confused page types on Severity: normal => serious