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"Trevor Toenjes" <> writes:
> I havent tried zWiki since 9.6, so I just installed 9.9.
> Error type: TypeError?
> Error value: __call__() got an unexpected keyword argument header
> But I get this on all my existing zwiki pages
> So I tied a new Wiki using zwikidotorg-0.9.6 and still get the same error.

Zwiki assumes HTMLClass? takes a header argument in zope 2.4.0 and greater, but it's actually a zope 2.4.1 addition. Workaround: remove the header argument from the call in ZWikiPage, eg at line 627 in zwiki 0.9.9.

Simon, 2002/05/11 20:40 GMT (via web):
Fixed for 0.9.10, but not tested by me - confirmation from zope 2.4.0 users would be appreciated.