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> I tried to use AddIssue? and the quick-add button to file this bug, but
> they gave me an error which about IssueNo000?1ATestIssue already being in use.

The dtml code in AddIssue? which calculates the next issue number depends on IssuePrototype? not being in the catalog. I rebuilt the catalog and forgot to do IssuePrototype?/unindex_object, fixed now.

This happens a lot. Need to do away with IssuePrototype? and make this robust.

The current workaround is to click on IssuePrototype?/unindex_object, then back up and add the issue again.

Simon, 2002/08/11 22:35 GMT (via web):
Fixed - IssuePrototype? no longer required, uses the createIssue method added in zwiki 0.10.0 instead.