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This is a difficult issue to handle generically. The problem is that blocks can be begun or ended inside index_html which will confuse standard_wiki_footer. For example

If the above were live code, the footer would be put inside the table.

I know the solution would require that the wiki "understand" the html itself and "fix" it. The value to solving this problem, however, is that the above table can be used as a "work in progress" table which people can add to just by submitting comments of the right form.

Or maybe that's silly. It's still a problem. To underscore this, I will leave an open tag here:


    <tr><td>Bob<td>Dinosaur Wedgies

Simon, 2002/05/21 21:42 GMT (via web):
Investigate ChrisWithers' stripogram

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/09/26 01:13 GMT (via web):
If you use stripogram, please use it ONLY at render-time. A missed quote in an href, and sections of the text are toasted.... < pre>< pre>< /pre> causes other interesting problems ;-)

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/09/26 01:15 GMT (via web):
squishdot doesn't have a stx+html rendering option, not sure for simplicity or ???

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/09/26 01:17 GMT (via web):
How about a backdoor editform link on the backlinks page work?

PieterB, 2003/01/08 09:26 GMT (via web):
See also: ValidHTML

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Title: IssueNo0166 broken HTML confuses the wiki => IssueNo0166 HTML added to a page can break overall page layout


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