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My search for "Latex" ended up in the file LaTeX?. I wanted more information on ZwikiAndLaTex?. I created a workaround for this query by adding a comment to the LaTeX?-page.

I think searching should also mention matches within the wikititle.


2002/06/06 21:01 GMT (via web):
Mmh, I was wrong. It seems to only search for exact matches. The page LatexWiki doesn't get listed on my search for LaTeX?.

It might be a good idea to keep the search redirecting to exact match page, but it might be a new feature to also show a list of all wiki's which contain the (first) search-term: e.g.

The following pages have the term "LaTeX?" in them:

Simon, 2002/06/07 02:09 GMT (via web):
Thanks.. JumpSearch? is going away, and SearchPage? should be updated to list title and text matches separately I think.

Simon, 2002/08/11 23:48 GMT (via web):
Jumpsearch has gone away, so this is resolved.