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Problem: Mail Out did not work on nt4.0 with ArGoSoft Mail Server light.

Cause: sendMailTo produced a Bcc string like

Bcc: , [email protected], [email protected]

Fix: On my installation the method was in line 373. I changed line 438 from:

           join(recipients,', '),


           join(filter(lambda s: s.strip()!='', recipients), ', '),

The brand new CVS version broke my existing pages (they were not rendered), so I didn't try it on it. There I find the code line in question in line 1362

Cf MailHostFix?

Simon, 2002/09/02 05:33 GMT (via web):
I think this problem is caused by a blank line in the page or wiki subscriber_list property.. you can fix it in the ZMI. I'll include a fix like you suggest for robustness, in 0.11. Thanks.

SimonMichael, 2002/10/07 20:33 GMT (via web):
Did someone intend to reopen this ? Add a comment if so.