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There is an XMLRPC API for wikis here that I think it would be nice if ZWiki supported. Several wiki implementations are adding support for this API.

This page needs more search hits. XML-RPC, XML RPC.

Interested! --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/02/25 13:18 GMT
Interest! +1

A voting/showing interest convention would be useful, a kind of RFC but just "+1", maybe signed for further request for particicpation. (Of course in an improved project management resp. IssueTracker functionalitiy this will be integrated, but for the moment it might be useful....) - RFC!


Progress ? -- Mon, 08 Dec 2003 12:44:59 -0800 reply
I am currently working on a wiki desktop application, it doesn't look lik this has been implemented ? Any news on it ? HaraldScheirich

Progress ? --DeanG, Tue, 09 Dec 2003 07:39:24 -0800 reply
No progress as far as I have seen. XML-RPC in Zope is supposed to be dead simple, but most of the articles out there focus on the Client, with obscure pieces on the server.

If one interface was implemented, the rest might comes quicker! Also helpful would be finding a Zope product (and code) which implements an XML-RPC server? Two levels: Scripts, and Product code. Product code examples needed.

Progress ? --Simon Michael, Tue, 09 Dec 2003 15:13:16 -0800 reply
I'm pretty sure that is used by the Mac offline zwiki editor app that WaltLudwick found. Can't remember the name.

Progress ? --Simon Michael, Tue, 09 Dec 2003 15:14:12 -0800 reply
Oh, but Harald already knows about that. :)

Progress ? --DeanGoodmanson, Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:01:19 -0800 reply
I guess I missed an important event in the Zwiki XML-RPC arena.

Where, or who, can I contact to find information regarding Zwiki XML-RPC code implemementation?

Progress ? --Simon Michael, Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:13:46 -0800 reply
Zwiki doesn't do anything special with XML-RPC, but Zope's XML-RPC support should allow access the the Zwiki API. I thought Harald's personal wiki app already worked this way.

ZWiki and Client --HaraldScheirich, Thu, 11 Dec 2003 05:59:16 -0800 reply
I just wrote a simple Python Script using HTTP GET and POST to transport information. I only found out about the XML-RPC interface a couple of weeks ago. The script is included in the package. I am working on XML-RPC support as there seem to be a variety of other wikis that support the protocol. (TWiki, MoinMoin, JSPWiki?)

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PersonalWikiWiki + Zwiki --WaltLudwick, Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:52:13 -0800 reply
It is true: PersonalWikiWiki (NB: Mac OS X only) as Zwiki editor, rocks - but if both products could be integrated via standard (i.e. XML-RPC) API, that would rule. To begin moving in that direction, tho, i think we do well to develop some common Use Cases around the needs of some real world users (which may differ wildly, i expect). If there is anyone else (i.e. besides me) out there using PersonalWikiWiki (or any other DT editor that understands WikiWords?) to manage real ZWiki content, i for one would love to discuss it.

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