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Invalid attribute name, "prefix", for tag dtml-in listWikis prefix=x, on line 45 of zwikiWebAdd

Can work with imported Zwiki, though lots of links are funky.

Simon, 2002/09/08 16:50 GMT (via web):
That's got to be an old zope, what version ? prefix has been part of dtml-in for a while.

2002/09/08 21:22 GMT (via web):
A brand new iMeme account; my first act resulted in failure... They say 0.9.8 Zwiki works for them; I'll try that tonight. Must confess I don't know how to figure out the version of Zope...sigh.

Simon Michael, 2002/09/08 21:56 GMT (via mail):
Look in Control_Panel in the ZMI. I'd like to know what you have, to help me decide whether I must stop using prefix. It's a pain, but I suppose I'll have to.

If you don't want to upgrade your zope, the workaround is to replace lines 26-37 in ZWiki/dtml/zwikiWebAdd.dtml with something like (untested):

 <dtml-in listWikis>
 <dtml-unless "_['sequence-item'][-7:] == '_config'">
 <tr valign="middle">
 <td nowrap valign="top">
 <input type="radio" name="wiki_type" value="<dtml-var "_['sequence-item']">"
 <dtml-if "_['sequence-start']">CHECKED</dtml-if>
 > <dtml-var "_['sequence-item']"></input>
 <dtml-with "PARENTS[-1].Control_Panel.Products.ZWiki">
 <dtml-var "_.string.join(_[_['sequence-item']].description)">

But you'll probably find other occurrences. I like to use prefix.

Simon, 2002/09/08 22:02 GMT (via web):
PS "ZMI" is the zope management interface. "prefix" is an optional feature of DTML's dtml-in tag that was introduced in recent zopes to allow cleaner code.

Simon, 2002/09/24 15:25 GMT (via web):
Fixed for 0.11 (this occurrence only).


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