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ie, the zwiki version the issue was observed with. We could also have: the version which resolves the issue.

There's also an argument for deliberately keeping the fields simple.

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/09/24 06:04 GMT (via web):
Here's my vote/argument for ZWikiTracker? simplicity: It seems in-line with the vanilla beans and cream complexity of a Wiki. A How-To on adding fields is all that should be needed. I would guess issue trackers are one of the most feature requested tools out there (you're already in the shoulda mindset), and also why so many homegrown versions exist ("We just buit a bunch of ___ database forms..".)

A HowTo? on adding fields to a ZWikiTracker? and friends would help. (As long as they don't practice here! ;-) )

KnownIssues should also help in this endeavor.