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Optional comment : (JohnGreenaway) writes:
> Seems to be a problem adding a text file as an attachment to
> pages. Tried attaching one to AddingSmiliesPatch (second link down on
> the page). The server seems to be interpreting it as a wiki page or
> something and doing some markup conversions on it...

I see it .. the File's Content Type is text/html for some reason. I can't reproduce that here - uploaded /C:/Documents and Settings/John/Desktop/addSmilies3.txt with mozilla on linux, the file has the proper text/plain type.

Simon Michael, 2002/09/22 22:03 GMT (via mail): (JohnGreenaway) writes:
> Hmm. Correction, the server's not converting it. Browser seems to be
> trying to render it as HTML rather than a normal .txt file. Is that down
> to the server marking the response as type text/html or the browser
> trying to be clever - as the txt file contains some html? -- forwarded
> from


Whatever it was, it's working fine now --betabug, Fri, 16 May 2008 00:11:27 -0700 reply
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