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copied from GeneralDiscussion:

 >> Looking at the source of the error page I'd rather SERVER_URL was the
 >> wiki path instead. Otherwise it trys to search / create a page called
 >> "wikipath/page" rather than "page".
 >I don't see/understand this problem - if the issue remains, please follow up with a reply addressed to - thanks.

Specific example:

Say you have a zwiki at http://mydomain/wiki/. You type the url http://mydomain/wiki/abc where abc is a non-existant page. You get the error page saying could not find page wiki/abc, and lets you search for wiki/abc or create a page called wiki/abc.

We really want it to offer to search or create abc instead.

Simon Michael, 2002/09/25 20:11 GMT (via mail): (DeanGoodmanson) writes:
> Looks like it might be searchign for wiki/frontpage and including the
> non-root wiki folder name/path, as when I error and click "search for it'
> wiki/frontpage is in the search box.
> Also, the next line is or return to http://localhost

SimonMichael, 2002/09/25 22:06 GMT (via web):
I'm with you.. my testing was in a top-level folder. 0.11's standard_error_message should do better. People who have already installed 0.10 will need to upgrade their standard_error_message of course, here's the latest