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Permissions have been clarified, I think.. all zwiki permissions should work as you'd expect in or out of CMF, and I have begun transitioning the main code to declarative security. I have not yet done any work on regulations support in CMF.

... --2003/05/01 03:39 GMT
I am using Plone and added a ZWiki. Users with Manager and Reviewer roles can see the ZWiki but users with the Member role cannot. Furthermore, the status of the ZWiki folder and all its contents is blank, as if there were no status attribute for these objects. Any ideas? mjh

... --SimonMichael, 2003/05/01 15:50 GMT
Right, wiki pages do not participate in workflow. I believe they are always "visible". I don't know why your Members can't see the wiki. Check the state of the folder, who has View permission, etc. VerboseSecurity? product may help.

... --2003/05/01 22:23 GMT
Thanks for your prompt reply! Here's what I discovered. It turns out that the ZWiki folder doesn't appear in the navigation slot that a user wih the Member role sees, but if you type in the URL of the ZWiki folder, the Member can see it as one would expect. What's different about the way the navigation slot decides what's displayed from the expected role?

workflow (bonewood at --2003/06/11 16:07 GMT
I solved that by creating a new workflow (wikifolder_workflow) that has only a published state (default) and assigning that workflow to wikifolders. Now the folder is visible in the navtree, even for anons.


done, no more wiki folder --SimonMichael, 2003/08/03 00:38 GMT reply
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