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Links to issue pages from normal pages, eg GeneralDiscussion JohnGreenaway, don't show the last edited by tooltip when you hover over them. They just say XXX zwiki bug - couldn't find page

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/10/10 15:31 GMT (via web):
These are wrong on any page that has spaces in a link, like this: [Pages With Spaces Title Links Fail]?

Bumped up the severity due to inconsistency in last changed on title link helpers...

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/10/10 15:32 GMT (via web):
Well, it doesn't appear to happen on this pgae, but it does on DeanGSandBox? ... must be also dependant on page type.

SimonMichael, 2003/01/21 03:43 GMT (via web):
For 0.15, I've removed this message. Ie when I can't quickly figure out the target page id from the link text, I punt and leave the link title blank.

fixed in 0.17 --SimonMichael, 2003/03/22 01:24 GMT