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This is a general issue to track discussion on details regarding slow page updates, and possible improvements.

Slow-down causes may be from: long delay in mail_out, catalog updating, or database history comparisons, or ????

(Other factors such as cache settings to page size and render time also apply.)

JohnGreenaway 2002/10/02 10:03 GMT (via web):
We noticed a slow down of a few secs when we enabled mail-outs. Before then it was pretty much instantainious. Removing the mail_from property (ie stopping mail outs) speeds it up again. It's livable with though.

Think with us it's probably due to our mailhost sitting on another server and a slow network. Think when you update a page it waits for mailhost to do its stuff and finish before returning you to the page? Perhaps mailing could be done in a seperate thread?


... --SmileyChris?, Thu, 03 Mar 2005 18:04:35 -0800 reply
Something like maildropHost could be used...

closing --simon, Thu, 01 May 2008 21:30:27 -0700 reply
Status: open => closed

This works reasonably well. Page updates will slow down due to