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Simon Michael <> writes:
> Hi Wim - I couldn't reproduce this, more details needed.
> Some things to try: Does changing or clearing your email address in
> UserOptions? help ? Do you get the error when you click subscribe to enter
> the subscribeform, or when you click the (un)subscribe button for the page
> or the wiki ? Does it happen on all pages you've tried or just one ?
> What's the error traceback ? (view your html source, post the traceback
> here indented after a paragraph ending in ::)

Simon Michael <> writes:
> Posted too quickly. I couldn't reproduce last time, but now I saw two
> kinds of error (a Proxy Error, and Bad Request). I'll open an issue and
> investigate there.

SimonMichael, 2002/10/24 04:03 GMT (via web):
I think this (problem subscribing to has "gone away". Please confirm or deny on #281 (un)subscribing gives error message(s) on

WimBekker, 2002/10/24 07:45 GMT (via web):