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When editing a page (with editform) the logo is not shown due to some URL mixup. This can be repeated by going to's own home page: and clicking on edit bottom right. zwiki's own logo is not displayed.

2002/10/31 13:42 GMT (via web):
I think this is an example of #237 images intermittently broken on

-- PieterB

SimonMichael, 2002/10/31 22:17 GMT (via web):
I think so too. I need to look at what you wrote there.

2002/11/06 08:03 GMT (via web):
Well I wouldn't know about that, I read that issue and couldn't see the similarity, but the fix is trivial. I took the editform.dtml from the installation and fixed it then added it to my zwiki web top level. The fix is shown below, but editform is not all that consistent in it's look and feel with other zwiki pages. Infact I have a whole lot of other gripes about look and feel and use (or lack of!) of styles but that can wait.

Here is the fix:

<img src="misc_/ZWiki/ZWikiPage_icon.gif" height=48 width=48 border=0 alt="home">
          ^take away that slash

A more suitable, but still not fully adequate editform.dtml will be attached in a moment



2002/11/06 08:51 GMT (via web):
On second reading I realised that you're probably right about this being a proxy issue. I've asked our system engineer to look at it.

closed --SimonMichael, 2003/02/24 10:14 GMT
This is a duplicate and was fixed.