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Mailhost is ok

mail_from is ok

I am a subscriptor

why no mail is sent?

2002/11/05 21:57 GMT (via web):
Does studying WikiMail give you any ideas ? Are you sure your mailhost and mail_from are ok ?

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/11/06 05:29 GMT (via web):
Can you send mail with other products (like squishdot) or generic DTML mail generating messages?

2002/11/06 08:01 GMT (via web):
WikiMail sounds fine, I have to ... For the rest, everything runs correctly as generic DTML mail generating messages.

2002/11/07 13:54 GMT (via web):
Maybe I did not understood how to use mailout. Now when write a comment, the system send me an email. It's cool but in fact it send me two same emails and for the others subscribers only one. Is it normal (I am subscribers and in the mail_to) ? Secondly, When I edit a page, directly with the edit link, no email is sent. It is normal or strange ?

Simon Michael, 2002/11/07 17:50 GMT (via mail):

I think your mail_to is causing the duplication. Since Bcc: is used for delivery, we don't need anything in the To: field but it has to contain something valid. It's set to the reply address by default but I added the mail_to property to experiment with this issue:

        # problem -
        # 1. "To: ;" causes messy cc header in replies, while
        # 2. "To: replytohdr" sends a copy back to the wiki which
        # may be the cause of intermittent slow comments
        # for now use 2 & allow it to be overridden 

So you should put ; in your mail_to property or just delete it. On this site I do the former.

> Secondly, When Iedit a page, directly with the edit link, no email is sent. It
> is normal or strange ?

It's normal; set a mailout_policy property to edits if you want all edits mailed out (cf QuickReference).

2002/11/08 17:56 GMT (via web):
I'm reallly sorry I have no mail_to field, only one mail_from !! So both mail for me is maybe located in another reason

SimonMichael, 2002/11/26 06:13 GMT (via web):
Did you figure this out ? Can I close this issue or should we debug further ?