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"Taras Slobodyanyuk (via" <> writes: <br>><i> The following error occures when rendering an incomplete table:</i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Site Error</i> <br>><i> An error was encountered while publishing this resource. </i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> IndexError?</i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Sorry, a site error occurred.</i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Traceback (innermost last): </i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Module ZPublisher?.Publish, line 150, in publish_module </i> <br>><i> Module ZPublisher?.Publish, line 114, in publish </i> <br>><i> Module Zope, line 171, in zpublisher_exception_hook </i> <br>><i> Module ZPublisher?.Publish, line 98, in publish </i> <br>><i> Module ZPublisher?.mapply, line 88, in mapply </i> <br>><i> Module ZPublisher?.Publish, line 39, in call_object </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 2013, in edit </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 2084, in _handleEditText </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 2339, in _setText </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 250, in _preRender </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 222, in _render </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 483, in render_stxprelinkhtml </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.ZWikiPage, line 876, in stxToHtml </i> <br>><i> Module StructuredText.DocumentClass?, line 316, in __call__ </i> <br>><i> Module StructuredText.DocumentClass?, line 415, in color_paragraphs </i> <br>><i> Module Products.ZWiki.Utils, line 380, in doc_table </i> <br>><i> IndexError? </i> <br>><i> </i> <br>><i> --------------------------------</i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Test table:</i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> +----------------+------+</i> <br>><i> |Project service |sdf sd|</i> <br>><i> |definition |sdf |</i> <br>><i> +----------------+------+</i> <br>><i> |Project manager |sdf |</i> <br>><i> +----------------+------+</i> <br>><i> |Start of the |03. |</i> <br>><i> |project | |</i> <br>><i> +----------------+------+</i> <br>><i> | Expected |dsfsdf|</i> <br>><i> |termination |sdfsd |</i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Versions: </i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Zope Version (Zope 2.6.0 (binary release, python 2.1, win32-x86), python 2.1.3, win32) </i> <br>><i> Python Version 2.1.3 (#35, Apr 8 2002, 17:47:50) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)]? </i> <br>><i> System Platform win32 </i> <br>><i> SOFTWARE_HOME C:PROGRA~1assalibpython </i> <br>><i> ZOPE_HOME C:PROGRA~1assa </i> <br>><i> INSTANCE_HOME C:PROGRA~1assa </i> <br>><i> CLIENT_HOME C:PROGRA~1assavar </i> <br>><i> Process Id 632 (288) </i> <br>><i> Running For 29 min 7 sec </i> <br>><i></i> <br>><i> Zwiki: ZWiki-0-12-0rc1 (from version.txt)</i>

Hello Taras, thank you for this bug report. I've noticed this too, it's quite easy to cause zope errors with not quite correctly formatted stx tables.

The error you report here may or may not be a zwiki problem. See if you can reproduce it when using the standard stx table style (|--|--|), or with a non-zwiki structured text document. If it's a structured text problem, you may want to submit it as a ZopeIssue.

I've forwarded this into the ZwikiIssueTracker for others. You may want to subscribe to the issue page to monitor it. Best regards,


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