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Investigate. Here's the line:

*Started as a thread on DiscussionStarters? ... btw, this is a great example of [ReFactor]?ing. For now, it will stay parented as is ... but should move to WikiMeta? at some point.*

JosYule, 2002/11/19 17:07 GMT (via web):
So, it seems that any use of the square brackets breaks the em (star) tags. Havent tried any other formatting yet, like strong... Check out tests at the bottom of the SandBox.

JosYule, 2002/11/19 19:53 GMT (via web):
Yep, the problem revolves around using square bracket wiki-names and formatting STX. Single and Double star's don't work with them. Could be something to do with the order of conversion's... Here are some examples:

FrontPage with formatting (single star) no brakets

*FrontPage* with single star and brackets

*[Notapage]?* single stars, bracketed page

FrontPage, **FrontPage**

anyway, that should be enough for now, at least to get started on the internal reason for why this works this way...

SimonMichael, 2002/11/19 23:25 GMT (via web):
Great, thanks


STX limitation --SimonMichael, 2003/08/02 23:24 GMT reply
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