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I realize this is a pretty big upgrade leap, so I'm not expecting a patch, but rather help with a workaround upgrade path.

I've exported a 0.9.8 wiki and imported it to a 0.14.0.

No errors were declared on the import.

But, when I view a page, the footer shows: could not render this. Which is an error generated at line 2685 of, in a section that is attempting to render standard_wiki_header (which does render correctly, it's just the footer that is failing).

So, any suggestions on which versions I can use as stepping stones to get to 0.14.0?

------------------ followup:

I deleted the standard_wiki_header, standard_wiki_footer from the imported wiki, which seems to have fixed the problem.

SimonMichael, 2003/01/19 23:31 GMT (via web):
Ok, closing this. This should be explained somewhat in the FAQ and upgrading guides.