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On debian GNU/Linux box with zopeedit package installed, external edit was working well through zopeedit(1). A half hour later it stopped working on the same page. While the page would load in the editor, zopeedit(1) reports:

    Could not save to Zope.
    Error occurred during HTTP put:
    503 Service Unavailable

AndrewBurrow, 2003/02/03 03:43 GMT
Its working again for me.

AndrewBurrow, 2003/02/03 03:47 GMT
And its broken again for me.

NameError?: in ExternalEditor caused by empty Log --AndrewBurrow, 2003/04/05 11:22 GMT
I think I have finally worked this one out. I can reliably cause this problem if I strip the trailing space off the Log: line at the top of the page. Presumably the ZWiki code is trying to create a Log entry.

ok --SimonMichael, 2003/04/08 18:27 GMT
Hi Andrew, thanks for clarifying. I'll do something about this.

fixed for 0.18 --SimonMichael, 2003/04/08 18:45 GMT
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