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In setting up the mailman integration, I thought it would be ok to set the wiki's posting_policy to open, but we've had a couple of spams already. This door needs to be closed.

spam in tracker --2003/03/02 17:18 GMT
Many of these seem to be ending up at tracker issues.

PieterB, 2003/03/03 22:00 GMT
You might want to use SpamAssassin?

Simon Michael, 2003/03/04 15:55 GMT
Imeme does add spam assassin headers to incoming mail, and I could have check for those. That's probably worth doing, but in my experience spam assassin is catching 50% or less of the spam. So I still need to make the wiki posting policy subscribers-only I think.

fixed, wiki mail change --simon, 2003/04/26 18:14 GMT
To support a mailing list gatewayed to a closed wiki, a new wiki option seemed necessary. The mail_accept_nonmembers lines property means "allow these email addresses to post even though they are not subscribers" (similar to Mailman). now accepts a post if either the From or Sender address is subscribed in the wiki or appears in the mail_accept_nonmembers list. So we can put the list's Sender address in there, set the wiki posting policy to closed and everything still works. ZwikiAndMailman has been updated. So, touch wood we are spam-free again.

The reason the private zwiki-wiki address started getting so much spam is that it got harvested from the howto page and from pages where it appears in citations. I'll add a wishlist issue for obscuring addresses in citations.

property change --simon, 2003/04/26 18:17 GMT
Status: open => closed