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When a person who has not logged in yet clicks on an as-yet uncreated page (a ? link) they should be sent to Login?destination=new-page.

Instead they get an ugly error message which says, down the bottom in small letters "login required".

To see this problem in action, visit TheReformSociety?

I believe the problem lies in standard_error_message version 0.11 where it tries to construct newurl. This sort of worked in standard_error_message 0.10 ... but not really, because it would edit the page containing the link, rather than the new link ...


Upgrade? --PieterB, 2003/03/03 21:59 GMT
Have you tried to use a more recent Zwiki?

We're using ZWiki 0.16, which includes standard_error_message 0.11. --PeterMerel

try VerboseSecurity? --SimonMichael, 2003/03/04 16:16 GMT
Hi Peter, I don't see the problem yet. Can you install the VerboseSecurity? product ? This should give useful information in the traceback (most of the time).

Shall Do.

property change --simon, 2003/05/09 22:17 GMT
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more details needed --SimonMichael, 2003/07/23 19:54 GMT reply
Hi Peter - is this still a problem ? Can you send more details, otherwise I shall downgrade it. If you'd like to work through it on #zwiki, give me a time or several to meet you there.

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presumed resolved --SimonMichael, 2003/07/31 00:39 GMT reply
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