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The table of contents was broken with regards to special characters in the link, such as blanks within a free-form link or underscores

The table of contents did not munge the characters appropriately, whereas regular links are munged via ZWikiPage.canonicalIdFrom(self,name)

When we changed to call canonicalIdFrom instead of "quote()" at the appropriate points it worked.

Problem: we had to cut and paste the functionality from ZWikiPage because we could do not understand the Zope security model

Version: 0.16

not altogether --SimonMichael, 2003/03/04 18:14 GMT
The current implementation depends on the custom standard_error_message to work. If you don't have one, those links will indeed fail. It sounds like you have made those links work properly, but I expect your contents is now rather slow with many pages ?

Leslie Barnes, 2003/03/05 15:53 GMT
We don't have many pages (yet ...)

Where can I find more info about standard_error_message

standard_error_message --SimonMichael, 2003/03/05 17:31 GMT
It's in ZWiki/content/basic and gets installed with new wikis. It catches non-existing urls and tries to do something useful. A search on might turn up more discussion.

correction --simon, 2003/04/21 16:31 GMT
I shouldn't have said "your contents is now rather slow"; rather the problem was that not all of those links would have worked. Now that we've made canonical page ids mandatory, it's correct and I've checked into cvs. Thanks!

fixed for 0.18 --simon, 2003/04/21 16:31 GMT
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