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I think it would be great to have a CSS class for the WikiNames which link to a new page edition. I mean something like:

  WikiName<a class="new" href="..." title="create this page">?</a>

Because, with some skins, the trailing question mark is not always visible (see the very little ? in, for example). By defining a special class for this question mark, we could make it appear better (with another font-weight, or with a border, etc.). And it would not bother peoples using basic skins (including the default one).

Here is a tiny patch:

 ---  Thu Mar  6 15:49:14 2003
 +++       Thu Mar  6 15:49:26 2003
@@ -1545,10 +1545,10 @@
          # otherwise, provide a "?" creation link
              if getattr(folder,'relative_urls',None):
 -                return '%s<a href="%s/editform?page=%s" title="create this page">?</a>' % \
 +                return '%s<a class="new" href="%s/editform?page=%s" title="create this page">?</a>' % \
                         (morig, quote(, quote(m))
 -                return '%s<a href="%s/%s/editform?page=%s" title="create this page">?</a>' % \
 +                return '%s<a class="new" href="%s/%s/editform?page=%s" title="create this page">?</a>' % \
                         (morig, self.wiki_url(), quote(, quote(m))

      security.declareProtected(Permissions.View, 'renderLinksIn')

Any pros/cons about this point ?

patch applied --SimonMichael, 2003/03/07 14:44 GMT
Thanks for this patch, applied for 0.17. See also similar issues.

WikiLinkingIssues --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/03/07 16:02 GMT
See also WikiLinkingIssues for further ideas.