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using special chars at the first character in the text eg. äüö you cannot use structured formatting like My Bold Text.

so its not possible f.i. in German to make the word "Ändern" bold just by adding a two asterisks at the beginning and end of the word (or sentence).

this only results in: **Ändern** instead of Ändern

this also doesn't work for using a single asterisk and a underscore for italic and underline

Bug Status --ArnoPucher, 2003/04/30 09:08 GMT
The Bug still exists in Zwiki 0.18.0RC1.

The code:


still results in **Ändern** instead of the intended Ändern.

still existing in ZWiki 0.18.0RC1 --ArnoPucher, 2003/04/30 09:09 GMT
Status: closed => open

feedback --SimonMichael, 2003/05/01 15:47 GMT
Hi Arno.. this is a structured text bug, the zope collector would be the best place for it. I would think most people are waiting for reSTX though, so it's unlikely to get fixed.

Why weren't you able to edit this page ?

feedback --ArnoPucher, 2003/05/01 21:44 GMT
Ohh - I thought the structured text is a Zwiki, not Zope feature. I placed a bug report in the Zope collector (nr. 900).

Ad "edit": dont really know, in the time you rebuild/fixed the IssueTracker the IssueTrackers were the only ones I could not edit; so I refactored the above text ...

Question about locales --ArnoPucher, 2003/05/02 08:32 GMT
my bug has been a dupe (to collector number 896) which points out to an howto (How to use non-ascii charactersets together with Strucutured Text.

I tried like in the howto description (starting zope with the locale "[email protected]") but nothing happened - the problem still exists - any ideas ?

close of issue --ArnoPucher, 2003/05/02 09:22 GMT
The above mentioned "Howto" worked.

Zope Howto solves problem. --ArnoPucher, 2003/05/02 09:22 GMT
Status: open => closed