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This is a cost of invariant page ids; IssueNoNNNN and [issue title] links need to be replaced with [IssueNoNNNN issue title] links throughout the wiki.

Rename should have done this for me, but with everything else it was doing it seemed just too slow. So I need to do it now with some zeo magic. First, I will do a little refactoring to get a general search & replace method.

Be wary of KnownIssues where id and name appear side by side.

fixed --SimonMichael, 2003/03/12 01:09 GMT
These have all been updated, or as near as we're going to get with automation. We may need to do a small number of fixups by hand.

some extra brackets --SimonMichael, 2003/03/12 01:11 GMT
Or maybe not so small. I see extra brackets. No matter, I've done enough mucking around with zeo. Time to apply wiki power!