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When browsing my ZWiki via ZServer? only (on port 8080), everything looks fine. If I browse through Apache, such as, the Wiki pages are missing the upper left ZWikiPage_icon.gif and the lower right edit_icon.gif. I am using fastCGI to pass from Apache to ZServer?, not rewrite or VH. All the icons display properly in the ZMI tree view, only when a ZWiki page is rendered do the icons fail. I have not experienced this with other products and can't figure it out.

2003/03/13 16:53 GMT
solution: go through the dtml and zpt files, remove / from image source value, ie, replace /misc_/ZWiki/ZWikiPageicon.gif with misc/ZWikiPage_icon.gif throughout.

(new) --Simon Michael, 2003/03/14 06:16 GMT
Don't know if it's related, but search the tracker for the similar problem we had on this site, caused by an apache proxy bug.

missing images when rendering page --2003/04/16 18:37 GMT
The first solution worked fine for me. Looks like a bug in the zwiki skins.

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I don't think so --SimonMichael, 2003/08/03 00:01 GMT reply
I don't see the problem with current skins. Can anyone reproduce this now ?

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